Management consultancy

Benefit from our many years of experience and our large network in the financial sector.
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“Our solutions grow and change with our clients’ demands and the national and international framework conditions – standing still would be taking a step backwards”

Management Consulting for Financial Service Providers

INSTITUT FÜR VERMÖGENSSICHERUNG offers selected areas of classical management consulting, where we attach great importance to content and practical implementation.
We primarily see ourselves as product and marketing consultants for financial service providers.

  • Which products, services and offers will help you advance in your market and with your clients?

Our solutions are pragmatic, our services from one single source. We measure ourselves by your success.

Product Development

If you want to stay one step ahead with your financial products, you have come to the right place.

  • Do you want to set yourself apart from the competition with intelligent, contemporary products or solutions?
  • Do you want to act in a timely manner before the framework conditions change and not just react afterwards?
  • Do you want to offer successful solutions and products from other markets on your home market before your competitors do?
  • Do you want to inspire your clients with attractive, intelligent products?

We are happy to review your ideas and concepts with you. We assess the feasibility and implementation, analyse strengths and weaknesses and identify potential for improvement.

Marketing Consultancy

We support you with analysing the legal, tax and regulatory market.

  • How do you fare in the competition with your competitors?
  • Which product development and marketing measures may improve your position?

Product Implementation

INSTITUT FÜR VERMÖGENSSICHERUNG assists you after or parallel to product development with the design, development, structure and implementation of the developed financial service products.

Marketing and Sales Support

Even the best products will only help you to a limited extent if their introduction and placement are not accompanied by the right marketing and acquisition measures.

  • Do you have the right team for your affluent target clientèle (HNWI)?
  • Have you segmented your A clients correctly?
  • Are the measures tailored to this affluent clientèle?
  • Are the resources available in the right quantity and quality for these affluent private clients?

Distribution Channels

Are you using the right sales channels? Can your solutions be extended to other distribution channels?
Successful providers today use a wide variety of channels to achieve success with tailor-made offers:

  • Special consultancy/Wealth planning
  • Self-employed or salaried sales
  • Own employees
  • Independent brokers/distributors
  • Internet

Consultancy and Support for Semi-Institutional Investors

  • Are you looking for solutions in the cross-border international or European insurance sector?
  • Do you want your own insurance rate?
  • Are you looking for experts for unit-linked insurance?
  • Are you looking for the right legal and tax product for a specific market?
  • Are you looking for the right structure for your assets to optimise your investment behaviour?

INSTITUT FÜR VERMÖGENSSICHERUNG supports you with an international network of experts. We meet these challenges and find suitable solutions together.

Business Expansion and Business Segment Implementation

Do you see your company in new markets in the next few years? Do you want to inspire new clients with new products and grow in a international environment?
Due to our remarkable and long-standing work on cross-border solutions, we know exactly what the opportunities and challenges are for multinational links.

European Private Bank Assurance

INSTITUT FÜR VERMÖGENSSICHERUNG specialises in companies in the financial services sector.

We are experts for European Private Bank Assurance and Private Placement Life Insurance, specifically for implementation within the EU and the EEA. We are happy to assist companies in merging different service providers into an overall concept or take on individual modules as part of a single agreement:

  • Analysis of the initial situation
  • Choice of possible locations
  • Business case and project plan
  • Services, product implementation and acquisition structure
  • Profitability
  • In-house implementation
  • Implementation