Family Office

Your trust and our professionalism are the basis on which your assets can grow.
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“We love the challenge, our clients appreciate our efficient solutions and our excellent network”

Multi Family Office

If you want to build up and preserve your wealth over generations, you need the right strategies and approaches. Your wealth has an individual, personal history, tied up with emotions and memories. We are your independent partner for family office services around the world.

We accompany our clients over generations with the necessary foresight. We support you in financial generation planning at home and abroad and put you in touch with suitable experts. We know from experience how important long-term, generation-spanning financial strategies are.

We focus all our attention on the requirements of daily life, your wishes and needs. We are also happy to assist you in managing your real estate, organising travel and study trips and other things that take up valuable time.

Our Services

Our working together with you starts with us comprehensively analysing all your needs. We define the goals and strategies together. After consolidating and optimising your assets, you will receive our regular report on how your assets are developing. If the market changes, we propose adjustments to ensure that your assets constantly develop well, if required.

Assistance and Support

Anyone who does business internationally and lives their life across borders needs to be backed up by professional organisation. We support our clients organisationally in their business activities and in managing their private assets. We help with the selection and coordination of advisers and ensure that their work adds value to your assets.

Professional Network

By working together with proven experts in finance and society, we achieve greater efficiency and more time for our clients. Reliability, trust and an overview in demanding situations characterise our dynamic approach.
Due to our many years of work for our international clients, we are very familiar with wealthy individuals’ personal needs and wishes.

Asset Structuring

International asset owners today are increasingly exposed to various influences and risks. Today’s mobility also increases the complexity. Our clients appreciate having experts by their side who maintain an overview.

Asset Protection

Liabilities and attempted access to assets are current developments that should be countered in good time. There are many legally sound solutions that protect asset preservation and keep assets together over years and decades.

There are many influences on the value of your assets: your own activity as an entrepreneur, the development of the financial markets, tax conditions, your place of residence, political stability issues and your family situation. We act as a source of ideas and initiators for all issues. We carefully monitor external consultants’ work processes. However, the decision regarding our proposals lies with you as the owner of the assets in any case.

Transfer of Assets,
Estate Succession

The timely and careful planning of the transfer of assets crucially contributes to the preservation of your assets and your descendants’ financial security. We support you with this sensitive subject with empathy and discretion as your expert consultant.

Asset Planning with Foresight

In order to preserve your assets for the next generation and avoid financial disadvantages or even disputes, you need clear structures in asset planning. INSTITUT FÜR VERMÖGENSSICHERUNG supports you in choosing the regulation, advises you on investment with regard to division at a later date and draws up the best investment plan for you.

Foundations Secure
Family Assets

International foundation law is ideal for preserving family businesses and family assets across generations. We will be happy to assist you in drawing up succession arrangements that are suitable for your family. We work closely with lawyers and tax consultants to ensure that all legal and tax factors are taken into account.

Monitoring and Quality Assurance

Internationally active clients in particular run the risk of losing track of their assets, investments and activities. We guarantee regular statements and summaries as well as multiple deposit analyses. In this way, we can prevent cluster risks or a lack of diversification.

Multiple Deposit Account Controlling, Liquidity Planning

Based on independent multiple deposit account controlling and consolidated accountancy we are able to continually monitor and evaluate our clients’ overall financial situation and make sure that the agreed, pre-defined asset goals are met in an efficient and transparent way. Liquidity planning or short-term challenges are equally as important.

In line with a typical business structure, INSTITUT FÜR VERMÖGENSSICHERUNG assumes the position of an employee who reports directly to the asset owner. We not only take care of the structure and investment of your assets, but also ensure controlling, reporting and compliance. We filter and evaluate information, coordinate and delegate tasks and assume the role of quality manager.